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My Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Win!

Published April 21, 2012 by S. E. Myers 

The Bandit
by Stephanie Myers
Her beady little eyes smiled at me as I walked back toward the table with the hamburgers. I had a hungry hoard to feed and could see the saliva glistening from their teeth – even from this distance. I was irritated about the brats missing, but I still had a sense of compassion.
The smell of the charcoal grill lingered in the air and reminded me of long summers past. The way it used to be. No use to dwell. Doesn’t get you anywhere anyway.
Poor dog. I knew she was hungry, but I wasn’t sure if I could afford to feed her and those I kept watch over.
They were growing restless. The clinking of their chains grew more intense as I walked past the table toward the dog run. This meal would have to last. At least until I could think of a way to procure more… meat.
I don’t know how she made it into the yard. I was going to have to do a sweep later and look for the hole she must have dug to get through the fence. Turn it into a rabbit trap, possibly.
“Here girl,” I whistled to her dangling a piece of the charred burger. She inched closer. The smell of meat and her growling belly propelled her forward and lended to trust – not seeing the knife I had in my back pocket.
Poor dog. Just enough meat to replace the brats – and feed the guests I kept in the backyard.

Don’t delete anything!!!

Published April 21, 2012 by S. E. Myers

I’ve spent this past week with my fingers super glued to my laptops keyboard finish this book.  Since I do not have an outside editor, I am doing line-by-line editing myself.  It could turn into utter failure, but I doubt it.  Not to toot my own horn (but I will) I have a fairly strong grasp of the English language and of its grammar.  My English professor even said so.  (And yes, I am sticking my tongue out at my monitor – and starting my sentence with AND)


My deadline – the 27th.  It takes about 72 hours for the book to be available, well, at least that is what the instructions say.


I am quite proud of  how my story looks.  Even more than that, when I read through certain passages, I am surprised with the flow of it and how it all makes sense.


When writing, I don’t edit until later – if I am finished with a paragraph or sentence and it does not make sense – I highlight it, bold it, italicize it – that way I can change it later.  I don’t want to delete anything until I am absolutely sure it is complete and total tripe.


Don’t even delete anything!!!


If you think for one moment that you are going to start over from scratch, save that file.  I have an “Idea” folder that I am constantly adding to.  One liners, paragraphs, 30,000 words, Screenplays.  Stories that I started and never finished.  Ideas that have blown through my mind while working on Dark Revelation.  They are all in that folder marked “for later use.”


Those little scraps that have been tossed aside will come into play.  I will even submit some of those short stories to some cool websites for review.


One man’s trash….  well, is this woman’s treasure.