Busy, busy, busy

Published July 12, 2012 by S. E. Myers

It’s crazy to think how busy I have been lately.  I have a two week break from school (since I am earning my degree), and yet, I am still just as busy as when I was going to school.  I thought I would have a little more time this week.  I don’t, unfortunately.

I ordered updated versions of my paperback to donate to the library – translation – fixed the imp name (changed from Mia to Vee), and added words where they were supposed to go.  I started more of my outline for Dark Inhibition, although I have been playing with changing the title.

I filled out an author interview for Edward Gordon, working on a blog post to visit Nicole Storey, submitted my short story for the Book Junkies Magazine, and did other multiple mom and work tasks that needed to be completed.  I still have not done the dishes!

I think one of the most important thing for indie author’s to realize is the hard work and commitment it takes.  I, like a large percentage of indie authors, are writing in-between work, school, kids, bills, and groceries. I wish this was my full-time career, but I still have to have an income to support my family.  I push myself to the limit though, that is for sure.

My eyes were not clouded with delusions of grandeur.  I knew I would not become an instant hit and a New York Times best seller as soon as my book hit the scene.  It takes time.  I am slowly starting to notice an increase in the amount of books that people are purchasing.  I hope they like Dark Revelation.  I hope that they tell their friends, family, school mates, post it on Facebook, etc…

The audience is coming…



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