Published July 19, 2012 by S. E. Myers

Opened my email today and I received a rejection for endorsement.

It sucks.

My stomach sank to my knees.  Did I get angry?  Maybe a little.  Was I disheartened?  Completely.

The group that didn’t endorse me, endorsed a crap writer who has more errors in their books than I can count.  So, what do I do?  Do I mope?  Stew in it? Get angry and tell them “How dare you reject me and endorse “so and so”?”


I get over it.  See what I can fix to make my book better.  Resubmit and show them that MY book IS worth their endorsement.  The reviewing company isn’t a large company, but they could be one day.

They do not represent the majority, but they could.

I honestly feel that Dark Revelation has a chance.  A really great chance.  I love the story and I love where it is taking me.  I just need others to love it as well.  I will revisit my book and take to heart the constructive criticism I have received.  This is the feedback I received:


Your book has so much potential. I love the plot and characters. I really liked the twist
you threw in…(spoiler removed).

One problem is that there are just too many typos. The other problem is pace. We don’t find out until 1/3 of the way through what
Ryleigh is.

I think that you could speed things up by pulling the repetitive sentences. You tend to show things and then tell the same thing. Try to just show us how Ryleigh knows
things. How does it feel when she has those moments? Is it easier to breathe? Does she feel light and airy? I hope that we’ll get to see this story again. I really did enjoy the
concept – it just needs a little work.

Rejections are helpful.  Constructive criticism is helpful.  It’s how you react and what you do with it that matters.  I want my novel to shine and I want people to love Ryleigh.


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