The Body Thief

Published July 26, 2012 by S. E. Myers

I know you are dying to know about this new project I am working on.  Or “projects”…

1.  Short story — My imps will get some love

2.  Dark Inhibition (Book 2 of the Revelation Series) — Ryleigh has to learn control

3.  The Body Thief — Jumping galore!

I know that I do not need to use Camp Nano as an excuse to write a book.  However, it is a good great motivator to get some bones down.  I’m feeling pretty confident that I can get it done.

Dark Inhibition is in the works, but, this new WIP is screaming to get done.  I mean, literally.  It’s all I think about lately.  Besides accounting.

My quarter started again.  I am taking Accounting 205, Professional Development, and Advanced Excel.

And, I’m working full-time.

*shakes head*

I don’t know how I find the time to put make-up on in the morning, but I’ve been doing it all week.

Back to WIP’s —

I will be working my IMPstravaganza next weekend.  This weekend is my oldest daughter’s birthday.  She’ll be 19! *faint*

I can’t believe what an adult she is turning out to be.

I hope to have more guests to my blog soon.  I do like visitors!

Until then — Riddle me this:

What is Aunt Vera’s imp’s name?


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