Book Promotions and tiredness…

Published August 19, 2012 by S. E. Myers

Wow!  It has been ex-haus-ting this last week…  When you are an indie author and you have other commitments (like being a mom) because you are not yet bringing in enough income to support a writing career (notice keyword: yet) – you have additional obligations.  Which I do.  School.  Work. Kids. Church. Writing.

Speaking of writing, or writing of writing – have you noticed the amount of writing advice that is out there?  Honestly, there are only a few I listen to.  I can count them on my hands.  Or, hand.  Definitely not the toes.  Grammar advice, personal advice, criticism for writing differently and employing different tactics… Really?  Really? Who died and made you a grammar king/queen/person/placeorthing. Where is your degree in English? Media? Publishing? Marketing? Where are your years of experience?

I am most definitely appreciative of all the feedback I have received from those I trust and also respect.  Should I name them?  No. Sorry. They are mine all mine! BWAHAHAHAHAHA-a! Maybe one day, in a list of credits from the movie they make about my bizarre and enriching life. I’ll get to the bizarre part soon. In a future episode. Not that I actually think my life is worth making a movie out of…

I’ve written very little lately, but I am writing. I was writing The Body Thief but with the holidays quickly approaching, Dark Inhibition has to be ready. All my extra (man, do I need some more extra) energy goes into writing a few hundred words a day. Which is nothing NEAR what I am capable of when I have the time.

I’m trying to post a blog post at least once a week. I started this at 9am – and only wrote almost 300 words.  Now, imagine this in my forthcoming book.  300 words per day equals a few thousand, but I definitely need to step up my game.


*edit* I never did mention – promoting my book has become difficult also. I am trying hard! I have it in a local store, The Almost Perfect Bookstore, in Roseville, CA.  🙂  That is pretty awesome. The place is amazing itself. You walk in and can spend hours and hours perusing the shelves. I found a hardback edition of the complete Lord of the Rings excluding The Hobbit. I’m pretty stoked about that.

Also, Dark Revelation is $0.99 currently *other edit* Doing an experiment with pricing this week.  Clicky the book link and purchase it.  (By the book link, I am referring to the “books” link at the top of my page)  Tell your friends, family, neighbor, stranger… You get the point.


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