Published August 21, 2012 by S. E. Myers

Updating this blog once a week creates such a lag in momentum.

This thing was garnering attention from across the realm of imagination – and then the air went flat.  I think I must have done something to the space/time/continuum.  (Remember that kids?)

I’m going to start losing more sleep soon.  The Body Thief is on hold while I finish Dark Inhibition.  If you haven’t read Dark Revelation, you should.  I don’t just say this because I wrote the book, I say this because I honestly think it is pretty darn good for a first novel.  Aside from my own opinion, I would love to hear/read yours.  Dark Inhibition plans to be a lot lengthier than the first one, by-the-way.

It’s going to take some time to get it done, it wants to get done. It needs to be completed.  There is a force propelling me and my fingers forward.  My dreams are of imps chomping down Chi.  Those cute little buggers!

I was also thinking about maybe a weekly Vlog?  Yes? No?

We’ll see how it goes.

Also, I love you! ❤  Seriously.


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