After the free weekend…

Published September 21, 2012 by S. E. Myers

I had my best weekend ever for promotions.  I honestly believe it is because the category I choose previously was wrong.

I understood children’s books to mean just that, children’s books.  However, that category includes Young Adult.  I am working as hard as I can on Dark Inhibition.  I hope to post an excerpt as soon as I am comfortable.

I had over 6600 downloads.  I topped the category of Children’s Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Magic at #1.  #1 in Children’s books overall.  #36 overall free.  I was hoping to land on the first page.  Had I gone another day free, I may have.

This is pretty awesome I have to say.  I am very glad about it.

I am disappointed in one thing.  I had a reviewer after my book was initially published (a  bit hastily may I add) that liked the story but loathed the editing.  Totally my fault.  For some reason, amazon never sent them the email that went out in June in regard to the update.  They still don’t have the update and were never notified.  It’s extremely irritating and unfair to them.  My friends that downloaded my book received the email as well as I did.

This week has proven to be more successful than any other week.  I’m pretty excited to see where this is going!


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