Holy cows and sheep!

Published October 6, 2012 by S. E. Myers

SO much going on!

Finals are finally over.  I have about a week break before the next take on the quarter but that leaves me only 6 months out until I achieve my accounting degree.  It is an associates but you know what?  Two-years of hard work and determination.  I’m almost done.

This next quarter will find me home doing online courses. I’m glad for that opportunity because it affords me the time to continue to work on my book, promotion, AND hang out with my family.

Last month was a pretty good month for Dark Revelation.  Thank you to all of you who helped promote, tweet, youtube, Facebook, and WOM (word-of-mouth) my baby to your friends and acquaintances.  It would be most awesome for you to continue doing so.

I am excited for Dark Inhibition.  I think you will be too.  Between work and school, Ryleigh has been patiently waiting for her story to continue.  I hope you won’t be disappointed in the direction she is going.

My laptop is still slowly being restored back to its former glory.  I still have to load all my Skinny Puppy albums.  hanDover is the last one I need to re-itunes.  I miss that album already.

I listen to a lot of ebm/synthpop/industrial.  I actually am a former goth – I always thought being goth was more an attitude than an outfit.  I still love the music and love to dance.  I haven’t been dancing since Club Anthem.  I kinda miss it.

I am going to try to get another Vlog up this weekend so I can show off my new glasses and shades.

Until then!


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