Mistaken Identity

Published November 17, 2012 by S. E. Myers

I have been busy working a lot of overtime lately.  I still have a raffle to do (Saturday) and in the meantime have messages, posts, and twitter’s to respond to.

The most interesting messages have been from Twilight fans.  I usually try to respond but sometimes I get many and have to ignore them.  Not that I want to ignore potential readers, but, explaining I am not Stephenie Meyer 20 times in a row becomes monotonous.

The message that drew my attention belongs to Jamie:

Hi Ms. Myers, Just wanta say I’m a huge fan of your work! Truely amazing, I’m sure you get this all the time! I was wondering if I could ask a favor not for me but my 15 year old cousin Nichole who just adores your books, lost everything including her prized twilight books in a 3 alarm house fire afew weeks ago in Bedford NH, would it be possible to purchase signed copies of your twilight series from you to send to her, I know it would lift her spirits to receive such a gift… She is one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met… She is the first one to help out when others are in need… When I was trying to put a care package together the day after the fire she is so selfless that she said thank you but she didn’t want me spending money, I love this little girl so much & feel horribly for her… I’ve sent her clothes and gift cards but these things can not replace the memories and special things she has lost… I would love to give her something special she will never forget it… I know this would mean the world to her… Please think of doing this for this special little girl again I will pay for the books & shipping… I know you are a busy woman so thank you for your time, and thank you for such wonderfully written works. Jamie Schneider

I of course mentioned that I am an indie author and not Stephenie Meyer but I am more than happy to help.

Here is the News Article.

She apologized for the confusion and advised that it isn’t a great situation and that she would check out my book on Amazon.com.

I received another message:

I was checking out your book in amazon I think Nichole would really enjoy it, I can send you money for a signed copy for Nichole 🙂

I will send a book for free.

Here is another article I found. Three-alarm fire

This wasn’t a small home and based on the market value (yes, I did my internet research) it was worth almost a half million, I am sure that her parents can afford to buy her more books.  But, that is beside the point.

I would like my fellow indie YA authors to jump in with both feet and send their books to this little girl.   If you are willing to help, please email me @ semyers.author@gmail.com and I will provide you her address information to send your books to.

I’ll be mailing mine this weekend.

❤ Stephanie Myers



4 comments on “Mistaken Identity

  • Wow – I feel so sorry for people who lose so much in fires. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor – some things cannot be replaced like treasured mementos, pictures, etc. I don’t know if my Grimsley Hollow books would be right for her age. She may find them baby-ish.

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