A rough excerpt from “The Body Thief”…

Published November 28, 2012 by S. E. Myers

Here is an excerpt from The Body Thief.  It is in 1st person, however, I may switch it to 3rd.  I’m not sure yet.  I hope you enjoy!


My hair hung in my face, stringy and matted. I could smell the blood from the lashing I’d just received. I couldn’t help but think of the irony here. Punished by those who elicit my help in catching those who need punished.


A groan escaped my lips that I’d been holding back.


“You wouldn’t have been subjected to that had you just told us where he is,” Cleric Peter said through gritted teeth.


A stream of words invaded my thoughts threatening to erupt from my mouth, but the wracking pain I felt coursing through my body prevented them from escaping my lips.


I’d been duped. We’d all been duped into believing the cleric’s had our best interest in mind. They ran everything. Everything.


Drew pushed through my mind. He didn’t have much time before he needed a new body. I still held some form of disbelief that the Cleric’s imprisoned him because he found out the truth. Should I even tell them that I know? Should I tell them that I found out? What more would they do? Should I risk the same consequence Drew suffered?


Cleric Peter pushed me forward pressing on one of the more tender of spots. I was still a little off balance and my hands tied behind my back didn’t help any.


“Do you mind,” I muttered. I was sure he didn’t.


I knew where he was taking me. The Order requested my presence I was sure of that. Just like I was sure they requested Cleric Peter to “convince” me I needed to tell them where Drew was.


I tripped almost falling on my face. “Whoa, there,” grunted Peter as he caught me just in time.


“It might help if you untied my hands,” I said snidely.


“Not a chance,” replied Peter. “Not a chance at all.” Peter pushed me from the back and I winced in pain. I took in a deep breath to push it back down and save it for later. He would be the first one. That was for sure.


We arrived in front of the dark steel doors guarding the Order’s Requiem. I shivered remembering the last time I was here. The trial without a trial. The Order against me. Demanding me I tell them where Drew was. Asking about Fate. Asking about my sister. The more I thought about it, the more pissed I became.


Peter held us at the entry way until he heard a commanding, “Enter!” The ominous voice bounced from wall to wall echoing and growing quieter. I rolled my eyes. I never realized their dramatic flair for effect until now.


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