Single mom seeking…

Published January 9, 2013 by S. E. Myers


Isn’t that what life is all about?  What makes me happy?  That is the question that I ask myself every morning when I wake up.  How can I make sure I have a great day?  How can I make sure I am not a grumpy butt toward my kids?  I know that we choose our own perceptions.  Agree with me or not, it’s true.  I have a choice to yell at the driver who cut me off (this morning), or I can continue singing along to the Swedish Mafia song pounding against my speakers.

I haven’t always had this idea – I haven’t had it long – but it works.  It sometimes takes a few (more than a few) deep breaths to push back the overwhelming feeling to yell at people, but I feel better afterward.  I have to apply this to my career also.

I am a mother.  I am an indie author signed with an indie publisher.  I work for a corporation.  I am an accounting student close to receiving my degree.  

I am all of those things and more.  They all (almost all) make me happy.

I am proud of my children and the love I have for them is beyond expression.  I love to write and cannot believe I published a book.  It has been an amazing feat and well received!  And, I have more coming!  Signing with Master Koda has been a blessing.  Because of the many hats I wear I need the extra eyes, push, help and support they they are giving me.  School has been an amazing experience and gives me the degree I need to move forward in my corporate career.  I hope to not have to work a corporate career for many more years, however, I am a realist and currently, I need that extra income.

I am a single mom.  I have been single for many years.  For the past 7 1/2 years I have focused on raising my children.  Yes, I’ve been single that long.  Am I looking for companionship?  Sure, I would love to have someone in my life, but where would I put them? Ha!

Because my book is was republished, it has fallen in the ranks and I need your help to get it back up there.  Here is the link:

Share it with your friends, family, acquaintances, Facebook, twitter, etc…

They will love it 🙂



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