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Some ways I do NOT want to leave this earth…

Published June 22, 2013 by S. E. Myers

I am not sure why I thought about this, however, here are my top 5 ways that I do not want to die:

#1 – Burning to death — Honestly, I think this one is my biggest fears. Although I know that the smoke gets you first, what if someone has a hit on me and pours gasoline over my head and sets me on fire. Or, what if the Salem Witch trials come back and I am burned at the stake? I’ve read that your nerve endings die off and it only hurts for a little while, but I can’t even imagine what it feels like to have every inch of your body covered in flames charring your flesh. This is definitely my number one.

#2 – Drowning — After watching, “The Abyss”, I had a deep fear of drowning.  Now, I know I would never put myself in a situation where I am living on the bottom of the ocean discovering aliens, however, when Ed Harris described how drowning feels, I knew then I wouldn’t want it.  Your lungs burn yearning for oxygen and your brain tells you to take a breath…. You do and inhale water, your body can’t process it and you react trying to inhale more to get oxygen then you are gone. I don’t want to have to die thinking about not breathing, facing the inevitable, feeling my body react to no oxygen. Helpless.

#3 – Suffocation or Asphyxiation — This is almost the same as #2 without water. If I am being choked to death, my oxygen is cut off immediately, wind pipe crushed, or blocked depending on the situation. At least I pass out before I die. I am sure that the pounding of blood rushing in would bother me, or I would concentrate on it and just let myself go.

#4 – Being blown up — While I know that it would be immediate death, this is just gross.

#5 – Stabbed or shot to death — Can we say painful? Unless I am on some heavy narcotics or sedatives, I do not ever want to experience being stabbed or shot. Having my throat slit, or my heart stabbed, or being shot in my liver…. No thanks. No way. I’d rather be blown up than murdered this way.