There’s a lot of dust…

Published November 8, 2013 by S. E. Myers

It’s been a while since I have written anything in this blog.  But, I have my excuses – my reasons.  Life has interrupted life.  This has been a crazy year and it isn’t even over yet.

I haven’t made too much more progress on “Dark Inhibition,” but I will be…soon.  Want my explanation?  Well, here it is:

After I graduated school, I had BIG plans.  I was going to finish my second novel and have my third published before the end of the year.  I was going to start school again in October to continue on for my bachelor’s degree.. oh there were SO many things I was going to do and accomplish.

And then…  May 5th, I was involved in a car accident. I am not sure if I blogged about it or not, but, it totaled my car. The plus side, I now have an awesome crossover.  It is a Dodge Journey.  I love it.  I miss my Chevy Cavalier, but this is the car I need.   My son, Gavin, came to visit in June for a few days, I missed him terribly and just having him back in my life and around was enough to make my year.  On June 17th, my amazing grandson, Marshall Allen White, was born.  He was 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches long.  He came out with a head full of hair and it was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. I haven’t been on that side of things before.  My daughter, Illeana, did such an amazing job.

Shortly after Marshall’s birth, my almost son-in-law lost his job. This has made a huge impact financially as he was the one helping with my car payment. 

The most amazing thing that has happened to me is Scot. I never in a million years thought I would find the kind of love I saw in the movies.  The kind of love that kisses you breathless and makes you weak in the knees.  The kind of love that crashes over you like the waves of the ocean.  I mean.. he kisses me quiet.  Do you know how hard it is to shut me up?


This has happened to me.

When someone says they have never “felt” a way before, I can empathize. I’ve never felt this before. I don’t think I’ve experienced true love in my lifetime. Not even with my ex-husband. Maybe it was lust or infatuation, but it wasn’t this.  I am actually happy.  Happy.  I never knew what it was like to have someone care about me and my feelings. Usually, relationships begin to show the ugly dark side after about a month or so… there isn’t an ugly dark side.  I think that is because we have been completely honest with each other. I haven’t held anything back.

I am actually amazed that he even wants to be with me, as broken as I am.  I’d been getting sick a lot and finally went to the doctor.  Turns out I am now diabetic. It’s not fun. I get to jab and poke myself more times a day than I care to count. I have to inject insulin – it is a drag. My doctor says my pancreas is still producing insulin so I am a Type 2 diabetic. I’ve modified what I have been eating and how I’ve been eating.  Which leads me to another issue this year – my vision.

I couldn’t see once my sugars came down. I tested at 450 when I had my blood drawn and was diagnosed. Within a week I had them in normal range but my eyes were still adjusting.  I had my new Rx for only when I was diagnosed. Needless to say, I had to have a redo…not just on one pair of glasses but TWO! I am waiting for the second pair to come back.

It certainly feels as if life has thrown me for a loop this time around.  There are other family things happening.  My grandmother is ill and doesn’t have long left on this earth.  I am sad about it, watching her mind deteriorate, but there are moments of clarity and she knows that I love her.  That makes me smile and sad at the same time.  I will miss her but I know that I will see her again.

I do have a deadline for Dark Inhibition… December 15th.  That is when the rough draft is due to my publisher.  So kiddos, get excited.  I can see, I can type, and I can think.  Ryleigh is coming and she is like vengeance on the wind.


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