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It’s all in the preparation

Published October 27, 2014 by S. E. Myers

Preparing this next novel has been a lot tougher than I originally thought it would be. Whenever I just want to write, something else pops up that is needed with the family or kids. I wish I could just stay home and make that my permanent job. I’d have plenty of time then I think, but, knowing me and how much I love procrastination… well, I am sure you can see how that will play out.

I finally got to see my precious grandbaby. He is amazing.


Kathryn and Marshall

With Autumn here and the leaves changing, I’ve been thinking about change for myself. More like finding more motivation to complete another book. With a husband who has more faith in me than I deserve, I need to finish something. I feel as if I need to make him proud of me. He would give me the time and space I need in order to do it. I need noise cancelling headphones to jam to my music as I write. And of course, there is the walking around bit that I do.

Weird writer habits! Post-it notes galore!


Down and counting…

Published October 13, 2014 by S. E. Myers

Well, 57 pounds and only 100 more to go. I’m down to a size 18 and should be a 16 in the next two weeks. This week I start core training. It’s absolutely crazy how fast your body gets used to cardio. I’ve been doing the elliptical and although I use the fat burner workout that increases the resistance, your body still gets used to it. It’s pretty awesome that I can now wear pants that I have kept for the past 10 years – that still have the tags on…yes, the tags. I bought them thinking they would fit – and they didn’t. Of course they didn’t because I was in denial. HUGE denial. My brain is doing this weird catch up thing. I look in the mirror and can still see how I looked 3 months ago. Other people can see the more slimmer version now. Even Sunday I received some amazing compliments. This week will be difficult because of the hit-n-run we were involved in. I have a chiro appointment because my neck and shoulder are still damaged. Hurts to even lift my arm so training will be focused on belly and legs today. Trying to get my book done. Andi is an amazing character and I wish I could be a strong as she is. The pain and suffering she has had endure has been absolutely torturous. Let’s see… Life is just busy! Kids to seminary, work, gym, home, dinner, Mutual, writing, gaming, family, kids school, parent hours… and the list goes on.