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The Body Thief continues…

Published August 25, 2014 by S. E. Myers

Writing is hard… And, finding the time to write is even more difficult.  Between a full-time job at work, a full-time job at home (including church responsibilties), back to school nights, homework, cooking, husband time and household chores – where is the time?

I haven’t included my hobbies either: WoW, Diablo III, crochet, Doctor Who (oh yes, it is a hobby), crafting, etc…

I have the whole outline for this book. I am really excited about it and I can’t wait to see where my characters take me. But I need more time!! I still have to finish Dark Inhibition. Poor Ryleigh is having a heck of a time right now. The darkness keeps pushing into her and she is becoming less resistant to its summons. <insert sad face>

I am hoping with my new shift that starts, I will have more time to do what I need. If not, it will go in my calendar. I have to make the time. I think this is one of the most important lessons that I have learned. I am scheduling everything in my physical and electronic calendars so I don’t miss anything. I have to now translate it all to the wall calendar for the kids so they know what is going on.

Being an involved parent/mother/wife/friend/sister is challenging. I often wish I was a stay-at-home-mom again but I think I would tire of that eventually. 

Above all else, although at the end of the day I collapse into bed exhausted, I enjoy my life and I am truly the happiest I have been in. 

Organization is tough and it is tough to stay organized. If I don’t write it down, it won’t get done or it will get forgotten (thanks, fibromyalgia!)



Facebook event – Black Friday / Cyber Monday Book – Grand Prize: Kindle Fire HD – November 29 – December 2, 2013

Published November 29, 2013 by S. E. Myers

MasterKoda is sponsoring a huge book event for Black Friday/CyberMonday weekend. Come join us for fun, games, prizes and books!

 MKSP Bash

Master Koda Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bash

Friday, November 29 – December 2, 2013

List of authors you’ll meet during the 4 day event:

FRIDAY 11/29/13:
10am-noon: Adam Gaffen and Laurie E. Boris
noon-2pm: Linda Bolton and Kim Kim Mutch Emerson
2pm-4pm: Brenda Perlin, Jane Carroll and G Mitchell Baker
4pm-6pm: Tammy Novak and Jerrid Edgington
6pm-8pm: Jacqueline Cross and Lisa Day

SATURDAY 11/30/13
11am-1pm: Sherrill Willis and Sarah L. Wallace
1pm- 3pm: Tamy Burns and Stephanie Brown Myers
3pm-5pm: Douglas Davis and Tellulah Darling
5pm – 7pm: Allison M. Cosgrove and Laci Paige

MONDAY 12/2/13:
8am-10am: Barbara Robinson and Martin Crosbie
10am-noon: Greta Burroughs and Vickie Johnstone
noon-2pm: Jennifer Loiske and Doug Simpson
2pm-4pm: Kim Emerson and Arlene R. O’Neil
4pm-6pm: Lynne Cantwell and Kimberly R Hughes
6pm-8pm: J Kelly Accinni and DeEtte Beckstead


There’s a lot of dust…

Published November 8, 2013 by S. E. Myers

It’s been a while since I have written anything in this blog.  But, I have my excuses – my reasons.  Life has interrupted life.  This has been a crazy year and it isn’t even over yet.

I haven’t made too much more progress on “Dark Inhibition,” but I will be…soon.  Want my explanation?  Well, here it is:

After I graduated school, I had BIG plans.  I was going to finish my second novel and have my third published before the end of the year.  I was going to start school again in October to continue on for my bachelor’s degree.. oh there were SO many things I was going to do and accomplish.

And then…  May 5th, I was involved in a car accident. I am not sure if I blogged about it or not, but, it totaled my car. The plus side, I now have an awesome crossover.  It is a Dodge Journey.  I love it.  I miss my Chevy Cavalier, but this is the car I need.   My son, Gavin, came to visit in June for a few days, I missed him terribly and just having him back in my life and around was enough to make my year.  On June 17th, my amazing grandson, Marshall Allen White, was born.  He was 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches long.  He came out with a head full of hair and it was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. I haven’t been on that side of things before.  My daughter, Illeana, did such an amazing job.

Shortly after Marshall’s birth, my almost son-in-law lost his job. This has made a huge impact financially as he was the one helping with my car payment. 

The most amazing thing that has happened to me is Scot. I never in a million years thought I would find the kind of love I saw in the movies.  The kind of love that kisses you breathless and makes you weak in the knees.  The kind of love that crashes over you like the waves of the ocean.  I mean.. he kisses me quiet.  Do you know how hard it is to shut me up?


This has happened to me.

When someone says they have never “felt” a way before, I can empathize. I’ve never felt this before. I don’t think I’ve experienced true love in my lifetime. Not even with my ex-husband. Maybe it was lust or infatuation, but it wasn’t this.  I am actually happy.  Happy.  I never knew what it was like to have someone care about me and my feelings. Usually, relationships begin to show the ugly dark side after about a month or so… there isn’t an ugly dark side.  I think that is because we have been completely honest with each other. I haven’t held anything back.

I am actually amazed that he even wants to be with me, as broken as I am.  I’d been getting sick a lot and finally went to the doctor.  Turns out I am now diabetic. It’s not fun. I get to jab and poke myself more times a day than I care to count. I have to inject insulin – it is a drag. My doctor says my pancreas is still producing insulin so I am a Type 2 diabetic. I’ve modified what I have been eating and how I’ve been eating.  Which leads me to another issue this year – my vision.

I couldn’t see once my sugars came down. I tested at 450 when I had my blood drawn and was diagnosed. Within a week I had them in normal range but my eyes were still adjusting.  I had my new Rx for only when I was diagnosed. Needless to say, I had to have a redo…not just on one pair of glasses but TWO! I am waiting for the second pair to come back.

It certainly feels as if life has thrown me for a loop this time around.  There are other family things happening.  My grandmother is ill and doesn’t have long left on this earth.  I am sad about it, watching her mind deteriorate, but there are moments of clarity and she knows that I love her.  That makes me smile and sad at the same time.  I will miss her but I know that I will see her again.

I do have a deadline for Dark Inhibition… December 15th.  That is when the rough draft is due to my publisher.  So kiddos, get excited.  I can see, I can type, and I can think.  Ryleigh is coming and she is like vengeance on the wind.

Some ways I do NOT want to leave this earth…

Published June 22, 2013 by S. E. Myers

I am not sure why I thought about this, however, here are my top 5 ways that I do not want to die:

#1 – Burning to death — Honestly, I think this one is my biggest fears. Although I know that the smoke gets you first, what if someone has a hit on me and pours gasoline over my head and sets me on fire. Or, what if the Salem Witch trials come back and I am burned at the stake? I’ve read that your nerve endings die off and it only hurts for a little while, but I can’t even imagine what it feels like to have every inch of your body covered in flames charring your flesh. This is definitely my number one.

#2 – Drowning — After watching, “The Abyss”, I had a deep fear of drowning.  Now, I know I would never put myself in a situation where I am living on the bottom of the ocean discovering aliens, however, when Ed Harris described how drowning feels, I knew then I wouldn’t want it.  Your lungs burn yearning for oxygen and your brain tells you to take a breath…. You do and inhale water, your body can’t process it and you react trying to inhale more to get oxygen then you are gone. I don’t want to have to die thinking about not breathing, facing the inevitable, feeling my body react to no oxygen. Helpless.

#3 – Suffocation or Asphyxiation — This is almost the same as #2 without water. If I am being choked to death, my oxygen is cut off immediately, wind pipe crushed, or blocked depending on the situation. At least I pass out before I die. I am sure that the pounding of blood rushing in would bother me, or I would concentrate on it and just let myself go.

#4 – Being blown up — While I know that it would be immediate death, this is just gross.

#5 – Stabbed or shot to death — Can we say painful? Unless I am on some heavy narcotics or sedatives, I do not ever want to experience being stabbed or shot. Having my throat slit, or my heart stabbed, or being shot in my liver…. No thanks. No way. I’d rather be blown up than murdered this way.

It is my pleasure to introduce…

Published May 13, 2013 by S. E. Myers

Arlene O’Neil!  She is a fellow indie author and MSKP’er.  Her book Broken Spokes  has a 4.9 star rating on and is hailed as being “…an incredible story.” 

Please, sit back, relax, and welcome Arlene today!

Thank you SO much for stopping by Arlene!  Please, describe yourself in one word.   Kind.

 If you could have any super power, what super power would it be? 

 The ability to heal animals would make me feel complete. I am such an animal lover that it kills me to see something in pain. I am the one who patrols for frogs instead of running them over with the mower, who would hit a pole to avoid a cat, and the one who rescues Luna moths from drive – through windows. I’ll twist an ankle to avoid the cricket, stop traffic to pick up a turtle, and slam on the brakes to avoid a squirrel. Children have many organizations to fight for them. Animals have few.


What compelled you to write this book?

 I never felt as though I “fit” in life. That I was different – someone I should not have been. I began to write “Broken Spokes” as a way of discarding negative childhood messages that told me what I could not do instead of what I could. Hampered by a childhood injury, I was over protected. Although well-meaning at the time and with the best of intentions, these messages caused me to become someone I would not have been had the accident not occurred. I know that is a double negative, but it is the only way to explain myself.


What do you do to keep yourself going when you aren’t motivated?

 If I go back and read articles I’ve written previously, that will usually inspire me and help me out of a slump. Something else that helps are comments from readers. People don’t truly understand that remarks and reviews are a writer’s most motivational tool.


Which comes first the chicken or the egg…  I mean the plot or the characters?

 I start with a thought, add a plot, and the characters join in by themselves.


How do you create your characters?  Do you When do you use character biographies, sketches,  or do your characters just land on the page?

 As my characters are real, they need little work. Oh, I may embellish some, or detract from them, but anyone who knows me will know my characters to be fairly true to form.


How old were you when you finished your first book?

 I was somewhere in my 50’s. I’ll just leave it at that, which proves you are never too old to begin. As my late husband used to say, “Begin…the rest is easy.” 


How long did it take you to write it?

 My book took a total of three years to complete. I had finished writing it when one of my main characters died suddenly and I had to rewrite the ending. It took over six months to be able to emotionally change the end.


If you could do everything over (writing your book, or publishing, etc.) would you change anything?

 I would devote more time to the end of my book. When I read it now, I feel I rushed the last few chapters. There are gaps in time that I should fill in and things I forgot completely. I am happy with the book as it stands, but did miss a few key events that should have been included.



Thank you, Arlene, for being such an awesome guest!  I had a great tim and I am so glad that you were able to join me today! 

Biography of Arlene R. O’Neil


Writing is what lights me up,” states Arlene R. O’Neil. “Being a visual writer, I love seeing my work come to life: to take the reader with me on a journey word by word: to touch a reader whether through laughter or tears.” Her current book, “Broken Spokes,” refers to broken bones, broken bike, and broken spirit. It speaks to the reader of determination, of survival, of inspiration.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Mrs. O’Neil moved to South Carolina to work on her second novel, which will relate the roller coaster life of being the parent of a Soldier on active duty. O’Neil says, “My son, SGT Tanner O’Neil, is a member of the United States Army and the joy, pride, and love of my life. After five tours of duty to active war zones, I feel the need to share my experience with other parents in hope of lessening their fears.” SGT O’Neil recently returned from his 5th combat tour.

Currently Arlene lives with her two Labradors, Holly and Bruno, and her adorable pet goats, Paxton, JaeJay, Rupert, Patches, and Frosty. “These amazing characters have helped me through some incredibly difficult times and I love them dearly.” 

Aside from writing, supporting her son while deployed, and caring for her animals, Arlene lives on 3 ½ acres of land that her and her beloved animals enjoy.

An author, editor and proofreader, Arlene R. O’Neil may be contacted at

Broken Spokes

Broken Spokes on Kindle:

 Broken Spokes on Paperback:

 Facebook page:

Not enough time…

Published March 6, 2013 by S. E. Myers

Because I still work a real job, I seem to not have enough time.  This happened January 7th when my shift at worked changed from Monday through Friday, to some odd askew days and hours. 

A large chunk of my life has changed.  A large chunk of my day has disappeared.  I miss my kids and my life. 

Look at the last time I had a blog post… When was that?  A few months ago?  I’m practically sneezing throughout this post with the dust and cobwebs flitting around my shoulders.  My brain is crying out for creativity.  I feel as if I’ve been locked in an iron maide with the spikes pressing into my flesh forbidding me to do anything I enjoy.  And yet…  A dear friend of mine told me of he doubts recently.  He was thinking about moving to the East Coast but wasn’t sure it was the right idea.  He is young and he has so much life ahead of him. 

I told him to go for it.  What does he have to lose?  He is young and full of life and ambition.  I told him that he only lives once and he should make every single moment count.  And then I realized that is the advice I should be giving myself.

I need to find a way to give myself more time to finish this next book and get it out there. 

I had a major let down today though. I think it set me back a few more paces than I wanted it to.  It put me in this funk and I need some deoderant to render it gone.  I need adventure.  I need excitement.  I need more of the life that I want to live than what I have been living.

But then, that’s what my stories are aren’t they?  The adventure I want to live?  Maybe?

I hope this finds you well.  I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Single mom seeking…

Published January 9, 2013 by S. E. Myers


Isn’t that what life is all about?  What makes me happy?  That is the question that I ask myself every morning when I wake up.  How can I make sure I have a great day?  How can I make sure I am not a grumpy butt toward my kids?  I know that we choose our own perceptions.  Agree with me or not, it’s true.  I have a choice to yell at the driver who cut me off (this morning), or I can continue singing along to the Swedish Mafia song pounding against my speakers.

I haven’t always had this idea – I haven’t had it long – but it works.  It sometimes takes a few (more than a few) deep breaths to push back the overwhelming feeling to yell at people, but I feel better afterward.  I have to apply this to my career also.

I am a mother.  I am an indie author signed with an indie publisher.  I work for a corporation.  I am an accounting student close to receiving my degree.  

I am all of those things and more.  They all (almost all) make me happy.

I am proud of my children and the love I have for them is beyond expression.  I love to write and cannot believe I published a book.  It has been an amazing feat and well received!  And, I have more coming!  Signing with Master Koda has been a blessing.  Because of the many hats I wear I need the extra eyes, push, help and support they they are giving me.  School has been an amazing experience and gives me the degree I need to move forward in my corporate career.  I hope to not have to work a corporate career for many more years, however, I am a realist and currently, I need that extra income.

I am a single mom.  I have been single for many years.  For the past 7 1/2 years I have focused on raising my children.  Yes, I’ve been single that long.  Am I looking for companionship?  Sure, I would love to have someone in my life, but where would I put them? Ha!

Because my book is was republished, it has fallen in the ranks and I need your help to get it back up there.  Here is the link:

Share it with your friends, family, acquaintances, Facebook, twitter, etc…

They will love it 🙂