Another Saturday…

Published August 2, 2014 by S. E. Myers

This is my next to last Saturday before I go back to work.  The recovery process has been slow and having fibromyalgia made it more drawn out.  The nurses at the hospital even warned me that it takes longer because of the nerve sensors and their overreaction. 

I’ve been contemplating why I sit at a computer screen and no words come forward.  I am not quite sure what is going on.  I see what I want to write, but  the translation becomes lost.  I think it is fear.  My husband keeps telling me that I am talented.  It isn’t that I don’t believe him, I just feel that I am not as talented as he thinks I am. 

I have vast room for improvement.  I need to finish my book.  I have been trying to write everyday even if it is a few hundred words.  At least it is something, right?



Published July 27, 2014 by S. E. Myers

I am not quite sure how to let go.  My daughter is still angry that I made her move out and has fabricated a story as to why.  She takes no responsibility and won’t allow me to see my grandson either.  I think it is time to let her go because all I do is dwell on it and it is toxic.  My friends tell me that one day she will get over it, but honestly, it is going to be too late by then. 

Now instead of me, she is talking slanderously about her supposed best friend.  I can’t believe I raised a child to be so ungrateful, selfish and mean.

Disability Fiasco

Published June 5, 2014 by S. E. Myers

I am so fed up with dealing with this short-term disability process.  I was admitted into the hospital May 12th, and had I known that I would have difficulties from my gall bladder surgery, I would have notifed everyone ahead of time, but it didn’t happen that way and I wasn’t aware of the full process.  Now I am being penalized because of it.  I was paid too much and have to pay back my work.  State disability is now denying my claim because my employer “paid me in full.”  On top of that, I might owe my disability management company money also.  This is so frustrating.

Now I have to appeal it, and by the time I get this all straightened out, I’ll be out for an additional surgery.  I almost don’t want to go ahead with it because I am afraid my pay will be all screwed up…again.

It’s a good thing I have a secondary income with my spouse or I would be in the welfare line.

Technically, I shouldn’t even be at work.  I am not fully recovered.  I am still in pain but I am grinning and bearing it because we need me to work.

I get to speak with an attorney today regarding my hospital and gall bladder ordeal because we possibly have a case.  This is the first time I have ever pursued legal action.  I should have – a few times in the past.

My husband is amazing.  I am a ball of nerves and he says to relax and we will just work with what we have and move forward.  I am so blessed to have met and married that man.  He doesn’t even know how much I appreciate him. 


Published June 5, 2014 by S. E. Myers

I have been a terrible writer.  I haven’t been writing.  Friday, my sister-in-law is going to take the kids so that I have all day to concentrate on working on my next book.  The one problem is, I am not sure which book I will be writing.  I need to complete #2 of the Revelation series.  Ryleigh needs to continue her adventure, but this other book has been pulling me. 

I have to admit that the bad reviews have gotten me down.  I have felt like a failure.  But, everyone has their own opinion and if they can’t see that the language written is age appropriate then they are blind. 

I have been downloading a lot of free books lately.  I haven’t really read them – I’ve just skimmed them. I’ve been looking for inspiration and I haven’t found any.  I am hungry and I can’t find anything to satiate me.  

Author Spotlight – Kymber Lee

Published April 3, 2014 by S. E. Myers

Today I have the pleasure of spotlighting fellow author and MKSP’er Kymber Lee, author of “Lord Tristan’s True Love.”

Did you know that the society of Regency England forced members of the ton to marry should they been seen in public together? The unescorted young lady’s reputation would be quite ruined otherwise.
This book is one such story and tells of Miss Caroline Denise Whittingham’s misadventures in trying to get her betrothed to ‘cry off’. Unfortunately, one of her scheme’s has her thrown out of the realm of society and her betrothed, Lord Tristan Darlington, refuses to end the engagement until she finds her way back into their good graces. Of a certainty the odds of regaining favor with the peerage are slim, in 1820 London, but Lord Darlington is a great friend of the Countess Lieven and enlists her aid.

Caroline finds him to be a pompous, stuffy lord who is puffed up with himself and his reputation; not caring a whit for her. In her efforts to expel Lord Darlington, she is deliberately rude to him in public and pretends that she is afraid he will hurt her. These escapades force him to show his nastier side to the peerage that he so desperately wants to impress.

On the day that their engagement is announced in the London Times, there is to be a grand ball. Caroline presents herself in a most inappropriate gown and causes everyone in the room to turn their backs to her. Lord Darlington merely comes to her side and forces her to dance the waltz with him acting for all the world as if nothing is amiss. Once the dance is over, he leads her into the gardens to show her how women are treated who behave so outrageously.

The tearful pleadings to her strict parents all prove to be in vain. Miss Whittingham cannot seem to win in this matter of the heart, for her father is certain that she should wed to save the family from disgrace. Her temper tantrums and quick wit keep the story moving swiftly, carrying the reader from page to page like rapids in a river.

The sparring between Miss Whittingham and Lord Darlington cause many a raised eyebrow in society, which makes the book amusing and charming to read. It is my sincere desire that you will find this book energetic as well as entertaining for it has been a pleasure to write.

Her most recent novel, “Lord Tristan’s True Love,” has 16 reviews at 3.9 stars.  It has received several amazing reviews including the following:

By Cindy Smith
Lord Tristan’s True Love was artfully written, in typical true romance style, with the main character “Caroline” being your headstrong, naive, inexperienced love interest of the callous “Lord Tristan” who was typically arrogant, aloof, separate… yet deeply in love from first sight with the wilful Miss Caroline Whittingham. The book was a joy to read, yet it left me wanting more! More descriptive details of the surroundings, the clothing, the carriages… everything! Being such a period piece, I truly wanted to be drawn in by the details of the era, which were a little sparse. Having said that, I would definitely recommend Lord Tristan’s True Love for a quick weekend read and will be keeping an eye out for more from this author. Well done Miz Kymber Lee!

She is a Christian historical romance novelist. Her first published novel, Treasured Love, is available in audio or paperback. Lord Tristan’s True Love, is now available on Kindle and will be offered in paperback in 2014. Both of these novels are set in Regency England (1811-1819).  Lee also has mystery/conspiracy novels in the What She Knew trilogy by K R Hughes and T L Burns. Marilyn Monroe is saved and it’s a race against time to see if “What She Knew” can save JFK from that fateful bullet. The first two books are available on Kindle, ‘Fateful Night’ and ‘Darkest Day’.  Lee has a story in the Holiday Keepsakes Collection from Master Koda Publishing for 2013.   Lee is a native Texan. She enjoys mentoring beginning writers to editing advanced writing. She has an English degree with a minor in Journalism from West Texas University.  Lee currently lives in Atlanta, GA and owns a production company with her co-author, T L Burns. They are currently working on book three in the What She Knew trilogy due out late summer 2014.

Her books are available below:

Lord Tristan’s True Love:

Treasured Love:

Holiday Keepsakes:

Fateful Night:

Darkest Day:

Don’t forget to make contact with her!









Trying to get back in the swing…

Published February 26, 2014 by S. E. Myers

Trying to get back into the swing of things is a lot harder to do than to say you are doing.  I have had some personal changes in my life happen recently.

I married the love of my life on January 3rd. This included the integration and blending of our families.  He has 4 children and I have 3 (only 1 at home).  The house is rambunctious, fun, crazy, and it feels like home.  It’s hard to explain but after being single since 2005 and not dating anyone because I wanted to concentrate on my children, I was taken by surprise when Scot entered my life.

The unfortunte incident is that I lost my oldest daughter during this transition. Not lost in the sense of death, but lost in the sense that I had to ask her to move out because she was disrupting life. I gave her 30 days to move and had to stick to it.  I wouldn’t have, but she was posting nasty things about me on her tumblr page and it was just too hurtful to live with someone who didn’t appreiate the things that I was doing for her and her fiance’, and my grandson.  What is more hurtful is that she is now using him against me.  She is not letting me see him although I was there from the moment she found out she was pregnant through delivery and 6 months into his life.  I can’t even think about it – it cuts too deep.

Other than that, I am back to writing again.  Scot pushes me everyday.  I now have a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard to help me during times at work there is a lull and my brain begins to fire off.  I’m excited about my future and what is to come. I am happy that I have a family that loves me.  I love them dearly.  I love all of my children.

I have to just keep pushing along knowing that my Heavenly Father will guide and direct me and i have the love of my family to guide me.

Facebook event – Black Friday / Cyber Monday Book – Grand Prize: Kindle Fire HD – November 29 – December 2, 2013

Published November 29, 2013 by S. E. Myers

MasterKoda is sponsoring a huge book event for Black Friday/CyberMonday weekend. Come join us for fun, games, prizes and books!

 MKSP Bash

Master Koda Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bash

Friday, November 29 – December 2, 2013

List of authors you’ll meet during the 4 day event:

FRIDAY 11/29/13:
10am-noon: Adam Gaffen and Laurie E. Boris
noon-2pm: Linda Bolton and Kim Kim Mutch Emerson
2pm-4pm: Brenda Perlin, Jane Carroll and G Mitchell Baker
4pm-6pm: Tammy Novak and Jerrid Edgington
6pm-8pm: Jacqueline Cross and Lisa Day

SATURDAY 11/30/13
11am-1pm: Sherrill Willis and Sarah L. Wallace
1pm- 3pm: Tamy Burns and Stephanie Brown Myers
3pm-5pm: Douglas Davis and Tellulah Darling
5pm – 7pm: Allison M. Cosgrove and Laci Paige

MONDAY 12/2/13:
8am-10am: Barbara Robinson and Martin Crosbie
10am-noon: Greta Burroughs and Vickie Johnstone
noon-2pm: Jennifer Loiske and Doug Simpson
2pm-4pm: Kim Emerson and Arlene R. O’Neil
4pm-6pm: Lynne Cantwell and Kimberly R Hughes
6pm-8pm: J Kelly Accinni and DeEtte Beckstead