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Bones and more bones…

Published November 13, 2014 by S. E. Myers

A couple of things…

Throughout this weight loss process, I have forgotten what my body felt like before the fat (BTF.) BTF, I was thin. I weight 126 with my 5’2″ frame. The last time I weighed less than 200 pounds, was 20 years ago.

Now the pounds are shedding and I am feeling bones in places I forgot I had bones before. Namely, my shoulder area. It’s weird. I scratched my shoulder to my shoulder blade and rested my hand for a moment, grasping my shoulder. Rotating my cuff, I realized I could feel the bones shifting beneath my skin. It is a weird experience.

This is similar to the experience I had while resting my chin in my hand. Amazingly, there was a chin bone that actually jutted out from my face. It was odd. I hadn’t experienced this situation in a very long time. Usually, there was an extra chin layer and I didn’t feel bone. But I never realized that i didn’t feel it.

I get pretty embarrassed when people tell me that I am getting “skinny.” I’ve never thought myself skinny, even when I was. But, yesterday while working out. One of the gals I work with and haven’t seen since the beginning of October talked to me for a second while I was working my butt off on the elliptical and sweating buckets. She paid me a compliment and stated that I have really gotten “skinnier.” Instead of shrugging her off and becoming embarrassed, saying that I have “more” to go, I said “Thank you.”

Being gracious is hard. Accepting that I am changing is hard also. This is definitely a learning experience.