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Down and counting…

Published October 13, 2014 by S. E. Myers

Well, 57 pounds and only 100 more to go. I’m down to a size 18 and should be a 16 in the next two weeks. This week I start core training. It’s absolutely crazy how fast your body gets used to cardio. I’ve been doing the elliptical and although I use the fat burner workout that increases the resistance, your body still gets used to it. It’s pretty awesome that I can now wear pants that I have kept for the past 10 years – that still have the tags on…yes, the tags. I bought them thinking they would fit – and they didn’t. Of course they didn’t because I was in denial. HUGE denial. My brain is doing this weird catch up thing. I look in the mirror and can still see how I looked 3 months ago. Other people can see the more slimmer version now. Even Sunday I received some amazing compliments. This week will be difficult because of the hit-n-run we were involved in. I have a chiro appointment because my neck and shoulder are still damaged. Hurts to even lift my arm so training will be focused on belly and legs today. Trying to get my book done. Andi is an amazing character and I wish I could be a strong as she is. The pain and suffering she has had endure has been absolutely torturous. Let’s see… Life is just busy! Kids to seminary, work, gym, home, dinner, Mutual, writing, gaming, family, kids school, parent hours… and the list goes on.


Disability Fiasco

Published June 5, 2014 by S. E. Myers

I am so fed up with dealing with this short-term disability process.  I was admitted into the hospital May 12th, and had I known that I would have difficulties from my gall bladder surgery, I would have notifed everyone ahead of time, but it didn’t happen that way and I wasn’t aware of the full process.  Now I am being penalized because of it.  I was paid too much and have to pay back my work.  State disability is now denying my claim because my employer “paid me in full.”  On top of that, I might owe my disability management company money also.  This is so frustrating.

Now I have to appeal it, and by the time I get this all straightened out, I’ll be out for an additional surgery.  I almost don’t want to go ahead with it because I am afraid my pay will be all screwed up…again.

It’s a good thing I have a secondary income with my spouse or I would be in the welfare line.

Technically, I shouldn’t even be at work.  I am not fully recovered.  I am still in pain but I am grinning and bearing it because we need me to work.

I get to speak with an attorney today regarding my hospital and gall bladder ordeal because we possibly have a case.  This is the first time I have ever pursued legal action.  I should have – a few times in the past.

My husband is amazing.  I am a ball of nerves and he says to relax and we will just work with what we have and move forward.  I am so blessed to have met and married that man.  He doesn’t even know how much I appreciate him. 

Bang…bang…kill my bangs

Published August 28, 2012 by S. E. Myers

I hate my bangs.

I loved them initially when I got my hair cut, but now — they look like this:

Terrible aren’t they :/

I hate them.  They are growing out and when I put my hair up – they don’t know what to do or where to go.  I am a fan of hair products, however, I can use very limited amounts.  They dry out my scalp.  I should be the new “Head and Shoulders” gal – for serious.  I use it religiously.  I also use an extreme and obscene amount of hair conditioning.  That shampoo, while it makes your scalp nice, is not great for your hair.

Here is a Vlog I was going to post but then got distracted by my dog – it’s a minute – and I found it hilarious.

Tata for now!



P.S.  Here is a picture of Nissa that my daughter Katie drew.  In case you didn’t know, Nissa is an imp in my book, “Dark Revelation.”